September 28, 2015

Dear Friends and Family of the Diocese of Eau Claire,

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States had enormous impact upon our country. The cable news stations carried the visit to the near exclusion of all other news. Suddenly Christianity has our nation’s attention. A life with Jesus is now important. You could say Pope Francis’ humility, love, and simplicity have given us a new model of Christian living. His visit is completed; so what happens next? How can we build upon what Pope Francis has started?

There are a many responses including doing nothing. We can attend worship services each week. We can recommit to outreach. We can look anew to the bible and rededicate ourselves to studying and growing in the faith. I would encourage you to consider a Cursillo Weekend. Cursillo means “short course in Christianity.” It is a gift to the Episcopal Church from the Roman Catholic Church where it began in the 1940’s. It is deeply sacramental and enables a Christian to experience a life from a variety of perspectives through short talks on grace, faith, ideals, and other values. Cursillo lasts from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. It is a few days that can change your life. I know, for over 30 years ago I went on Cursillo. I still give thanks for its impact upon me.

There is a Cursillo beginning this Thursday in the Diocese of Eau Claire. It isn’t too late to sign up and come. Right now we have 14 participants. You will be well fed and have fun, but how it changes you is between you and God. If you are interested contact Bob Prock who is a member of Christ Church Cathedral and in charge of the Weekend. His email is: Give Cursillo a try. I am sure Pope Francis would affirm your choice! With my love and best wishes, I am,

Your brother in Christ,