July 20, 2015

Dear Friends and Family of the Diocese of Eau Claire,

At this writing Donald Trump leads the field of Republican Party candidates for president. Trump has never held elective office. He has never served in government. He has never served in the military. He is rich and considers himself a successful businessman. He has lost money, filed for bankruptcy, and recovered to make billions of dollars. He craves publicity and enjoys bantering with the media. More than anything else Trump is a celebrity. He likes to be noticed, and those who follow him enjoy his “straight talk.” In short, Donald Trump is an entertainer.

This would be okay except his ego has propelled him to run for president. He talks in terms of “games” and “deals.” This is fine if you own a sports team or make a living on commercial transactions. Being President of the United States is a different matter. The office makes you responsible for the lives of millions of people. The future of the nation is in your hands. I want a president who is knowledgeable and experienced. I will only vote for someone who has character and isn’t a character.

A few days ago Trump belittled John McCain for his nearly six years of captivity in a North Vietnamese prison camp. Two weeks ago he spoke of illegal immigrants as represented by the actions of an immigrant who murdered a woman in San Francisco. Trump’s anti-immigration comments are straight from Hitler and Goebbels who would find Jewish criminals and paint them as representative of all Jews.

In the 1850’s America experienced the rise of the American Party. It hated immigrants, especially Irish and German Catholics. It was semi-secret, and when a member was asked to clarify his or her party’s goals the person said, “I know nothing.” Before long they were called the Know Nothing Party. They eventually folded into the Republican Party, and Lincoln in his first term, like Dracula’s opponents, put the Know Nothings in their rightful coffin and drove a stake through the American Party’s heart.

It seems, like Dracula’s helpers, Donald Trump has given the Know Nothings new life. In so doing we now have a know nothing leading Know Nothings. As for me, I am looking for a qualified candidate who will bring out the best in our people by inspiring us and leading us into a bright future that benefits both our country and the rest of the world. With my love and best wishes, I am,

Your brother in Christ,