September 29, 2014

October is a month when we as Americans look to fall. We think of football games and harvest time. God has blessed our land, for corn and other agricultural production is at or near all time highs. This is also a period of discernment regarding candidates for public office. We actually vote in November, but October is an excellent time for research, reflection, prayer, and making up our minds on how to vote.

There are several factors I consider before casting a ballot. Is the candidate asking for your vote there focused upon public service or interested in furthering his or her own career? Is there a spirit of humility? Also, can the person craft a vision for improvement of our common life, or is he or she a tool of private interests?

I believe character matters in a candidate. Why? While candidates will tell you where they stand on certain issues, they can’t explain issues that have yet to appear. As voters we need to understand the person’s character. Based upon these traits—positive or negative—we have some basis to trust or not trust the person to do the right thing.

I urge everyone to vote. In America this is a right not a privilege. Men and women in generations past gave their lives in order for us to exercise this right. In the end all the money, publicity, and influence have no control over us as we go into that voting booth and mark our ballots. This is liberty put into action. Together let’s be bold and vote for candidates based upon informed choices. October is the preparation month. Let’s do our homework! With my love and best wishes, I am,

Your brother in Christ,