November 9, 2015,

Dear Friends and Family of the Diocese of Eau Claire,

“Timing is Everything” is a phrase we hear often. Long term, time is our most precious resource. How we use our time through the course of our lives is an indicator of what we have accomplished—or not. I tend to achieve more on a daily basis if I mix productive time with unproductive time. This means that when you have a problem that resists solution you break away from the matter. By doing something else you later return to the issue with a fresh mind. Unproductive time allows the body and mind opportunity to recover, so you can bring new perspectives into the problem.

Another use of time is when we are confronted with a situation where our emotions can take hold. We may become angry. Is this the right time to make a decision? It might be or perhaps not. There is wisdom in knowing the difference. Sometimes deciding in the moment is the necessary remedy. At other times when a cooler head prevails, a plan may unfold that could prove to be the better course.

When I am trying to make a decision, it helps to pause for a moment and ask God what he would want. I also like to ask myself, “Do I need to decide this right now or can it wait?” If it can wait, I will opt to tell the person I need a day or two to consider the matter. Not getting a yes or no immediately doesn’t usually upset the person. Instead he or she is appreciative that I will give the matter my full attention. Try to use time as an ally. Frequently in delaying a decision new information comes forth. Often these new factors may solve the problem or make a difficult decision easy.

I encourage you to reflect upon Ecclesiastes 3—“For every time there is a season…” Think about time and timing. Connect it to your prayer life. Ask God what he wants from you and how he might wish you to use your time. I believe that when you make a habit of factoring timing into decision making you are opening the door to wisdom. With my love and best wishes, I am,

Your brother in Christ,